Ethos and Values

Shaping our future…


At Park View Academy every child and adult will be treat with fairness, kindness and respect. We all deserve the right to be happy, confident lifelong learners. We will do everything possible to make sure every child and adult receives the support they need to achieve their full potential both academically and as a productive member of society.

The following behaviour expectations and core values are taught across our curriculum: Be safe, be respectful and be responsible.

Core Values

Make the Most of Every Opportunity

At Park View Primary we make the most of opportunities and open doors to new ideas and experiences. Being ambitious and wanting to change the world can seem very daunting but we teach our pupils that there’s nothing wrong with aiming for the moon. You might just get there.

Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help

The Beatles said ‘We’ll get by with a little help from our friends’ and at Park View we encourage our pupils to reach out to others. Everyone needs the support of others at one time or another but it can be very difficult to ask for help. Understanding that we are stronger together is a very important lesson. 

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

At Park View we believe that not everything is what it first seems and appearances can be deceiving. We encourage our pupil’s to ask questions, investigate and find out the truth for themselves. Sometimes you could be in for a surprise.

Don’t Forget to Value Yourself

Its easy to find out how much something costs using maths but what are you worth? We teach our pupils that knowing they are valuable is more about taking the time to care about themselves and see their strengths. After all, what could be worth more? We teach children that they too need deserve fairness, kindness and respect.