Year 4

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In Year 4, our current topic is ‘Food, glorious food’. We began the topic by thinking about how our food arrives  on to our plate. We will continue to look at the journey certain foods go through over the term.

The children have learnt about making healthy choices. They considered a range of different food choices in order to plan a healthy food wheel, thinking carefully about which food groups we should eat the most/least of.





We have been looking closely at our teeth in this topic. The children counted their own teeth then discussed the function of each one. We have compared human teeth to different animal teeth. In other science lessons, we will investigate how to look after our teeth and learn about different food chains.


Our narrative unit this term involves learning the story of ‘The Unusual House’. This strange house appears overnight and is made out of bread. The children will use this story as a model to create their own unusual house. I wonder what foods their houses will be made out of!



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Spelling Lists will be added every week for the children to learn at home. Spelling tests will take place every Friday.