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Parent's Survey

We are always interested in hearing the views of parents and carers. Thank you to everybody who took a moment to complete the parent survey at our parent consultaions last month.

Please see the Parents Questions link HERE for more Information...

Parent's Views


Visitor's Views

"I came to do a hearing test today with Year 1, what a lovely sensible group!They waited for their trun, were patient and their manners were impeccable. This is the best class I have seen this year!"



Children's Views

“I like Park View Primary Academy because it’s good fun here and I love Golden Time!”

Saniya, Class 3

“I feel safe coming to this school because there are teachers all around”.

Nimah, Class 3

“I enjoy coming to Park View Primary Academy because I do lots of learning”.

Zayd, Class 3

“I think it’s an amazing school because the teachers are wonderful!”

Elizabeth, Class 4

“I like learning lots of new things at Park View Primary Academy.”

Leyah, Class 4

“I enjoy learning about phonics because it really helps me in my writing.”

Ibrahim, Class 6

“I enjoy Park View Primary Academy because on Mondays I learn to play the trumpet, on Tuesdays I learn to play the violin, on Wednesdays I help in the Dinner Hall, I’m always busy!”

Dannie, Class 5

“Park View Primary Academy is really good because everybody is involved in helping to make the school a better place.”

Zakib, Class 6

“I think Park View Primary Academy is a great place because it is a safe place where I can learn lots of new fun things!” Nathan, Class 5

“Park View Primary Academy is a safe place because everybody is fairly treated.”

Siarnni, Class 6

“Park View Primary Academy is the best place to learn because the teachers are very helpful!”

Nadia, Class 6

“I like Park View Primary Academy because we do lots of learning and we get to play outside.”

Yaqoob, Class 2

“I do lots of learning about different things.” Alina, Class 2