Staff and Governors

December 2017

Executive Principal : Mrs P Gavins

Associate Executive Principal : Mrs D Brown      

Principal : Miss E Pickard (maternity)            

Assistant Principal : Mr R Paffetti

Senco : Mrs L Coles

Designated Members of Staff for Child Protection
Safeguarding Lead: Miss E Pickard (maternity) Mrs D Brown
Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs P Gavins
Designated Child Protection Officer: Miss Wilson



Mrs D Crowther, Mrs A Davies


Mrs F Shepherd, Mrs R Grant, Miss L Stocks, 
Miss N Ahmed, Miss S Adams

Class 1

Miss A Stringer, Miss S Butler, Mr C Naylor

Class 2

Miss L Marsden, Miss E Taggart

Class 3

Miss A Hartley, Mrs K Cariss

Class 4C

Miss R Hackett, Mrs M Doherty, Miss A Chang

Class 4H

Mrs R Hussain, Mrs C Robertson

Class 5

Mr R Crowther, Mr C Miah

Class 6

Mr R Paffetti, Mr P Bull


Pastoral & Welfare
Learning Mentor : Miss M Wilson
Behaviour Support Worker : Miss N Ahmed
Breakfast Club : Miss M Wilson, Mrs C Robertson & Mr C Naylor
School Administration 
Administration Manager : Mrs M Lavin
School Administrator : Mrs F Bowers
Financial Admin Assistant : Mrs J Topp
Superintendent : Miss C Ramsden
Cleaning Staff : Miss S Ramsden, Mrs S Hussain, Ms R Kakoo
Lunchtime  Staff
Lunchtime Activities : Miss M Wilson & Mr C Miah
Midday Supervisory Assistants  :  Mrs N Begum,  Mrs R Begum, 
Mrs S Hussain, Mrs C Nesa, Miss B Pawsey, Miss C Ramsden, 
Miss K Shipman
Catering Manager : Mrs B Ballard
General Kitchen Assistants  : Mrs R O’Brian, Mrs H Ali
Peripatetic Music Tutors
Ms G Dawson - Accompanying Pianist
Mr D Mitchell - Drums
Education  Advisory Body
Chair : Mr E Carlisle
Vice Chair : Mrs S Cieslik
Principal : Miss E Pickard (maternity)
Associate Executive Principal / HOA : Mrs D Brown
Executive Principal : Mrs P Gavins
Staff Representatives : Mrs F Shepherd, Vacancy x 1
Delta Appointed Members : Mr E Carlisle, Mrs S Cieslik,
Dr A Hall, Vacancies x 3
Parent Members : 1 x TBC, Vacancy x 1
Clerk to EAB : Mr E Kirkwood
Associate Members : Mrs M Lavin