Park View Primary  – How we teach reading.

Our whole school curriculum aims to reflect the special cultural character of our school and the community it represents. We strive to ensure that our school provides an environment which promotes reading as a purposeful and enjoyable activity.

Our school curriculum is rich in quality texts as we believe that the children have a greater understanding when learning is in a meaningful context.

We ensure that all children have access to a quality ‘Book Club’ reading session on a daily basis. We use ‘real’ books with a focus on visual texts and chapter books, plus short films and animations, to motivate and excite pupils.  A whole class story will be shared a least three times per week; this may be a longer novel in upper Key Stage 2.

We use Reading Recovery Programmes with children who need additional support (Key Word Readers, SENIT Intervention and Dandelion Phonics).

Phonics is taught in daily session is FS2 and KS1.  Jolly Phonics actions are used to support teaching grapheme - phoneme correspondences. Children read individually to staff using our school reading schemes including Bug Club, Song Birds and Floppy Phonics.

We see home-school links as a vital part of the reading process. We positively encourage parental involvement in the development of a child’s reading and the parents in EYFS and KS1 are invited to take part in the classes’ daily phonics session and are invited to storytelling sessions (Stay and Learn), sometimes reading stories to the class.

Our book corners are well known for being brilliant – lots of visitors comment on how fantastic they are, but this year it became official – we won the city-wide Arooj Reading Corner Competition, our Year 4 book corner is the best in Leeds!!!